About Us

pdf24.org is a project of geek software GmbH, a German company based in Berlin, that was founded in 2006. PDF24 offers free and easy to use PDF solutions for many PDF problems, online and as software for download. Solutions include the well-known PDF24 Creator and PDF24 Online Tools.

Stefan Ziegler
Stefan Ziegler
Dipl.-Ing. Computer Engineering

Stefan Ziegler, Engine and Driver of PDF24

The development of the project and the software as well as the creation of the web content and services on pdf24.org were entrusted to Stefan Ziegler, whom he has been driving ever since the foundation of the project.

Stefan Ziegler is the engine and driver of the PDF24 project as well as the keeper of the many, many sheep.

He was born in Germany in 1982. Since 1999 he is engaged in the development of software. In 2008 he received the academic degree Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin.

The Team

PDF24 consists of a small agile team dedicated to the development and improvement of PDF solutions.

The PDF24 team is small, but passionate about PDF, which likes to develop solutions that help many people around the world with their PDF problems.

Within a few years, we have managed to establish the PDF24 Creator and PDF24 Online Tools, which are used by millions of people around the world.

Swiss Army Knives for PDFs

PDF24's solutions are often compared to a Swiss army knife for PDFs and rightly so.

PDF24 has the right tool for many problems in the PDF sector.

The Sheep

The sheep was chosen as the mascot. The sheep was born as a small lamb, has matured into a magnificent sheep and is expected to develop into the largest sheep in the world in the future.

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